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Gaël Chapon, the color matchmaker, as he likes to say, likes to think of colors as dynamic entities endowed with a capacity to come to life, endowed with resources powerful energies. 

His practice consists, among other things, in organizing encounters between different chromatic nuances, by juxtaposition, interlocking, ordering of colored surfaces. 

He draws his influences in his travels. According to him, the colors of the world are a permanent and infinite show. His personal artistic career is rich and diverse (design, architecture, plastic arts).

His "great masters" are Mark Rothko, Paul Sérusier, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Josef Albers


Ethnic Furniture

Created in 2006, Lukare is an association of Burkinabe artists recognized as a pioneers of design in Burkina Faso.

Using a mix of wood and metal, they invented contemporary and mythic furnitures by incorporating parts like Dogons doors and  Sun masks.

The association also manages a training centre where the working knowledge of wood and wrought iron is transmitted. Their success exceeds the borders, they are sold all over the world.   


Recycle Mosaic

Ousmane Kouyate is a Burkinabe mosaicist artist who uses the recovery of old enamelled metal utensils and transforms them into sumptuous furnitures and accessories.

For him, clearing out his city of scrap metal is a necessity.

He rides the streets of Ouagadougou and picks up the raw material from which he then shapes his furnitures. Each work is unique, requires a great mastery and a long work to achieve perfection. His work has already seduced many art lovers beyond the borders of West Africa.

Valérie CATTIN

Recovery furniture

Valérie Cattin is a creative and passionate woman who has discovered her passion for creation of wastes based furnitures in Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, while walking in the street and traditional markets. Each new creation is a journey into her ultra-creative imagination. For her, nothing gets lost, everything changes, so she is always in search of wastes or spare parts, restores them to give them a second life. Her sparkling and eccentric creations will brighten your homes!

Faso Beautex

Handmade fabrics

Faso beautex has been created by Jeanne LOMPO in 1987,  with the idea to value the traditional cotton fabric of Burkina Faso,

so-called ’faso Danfani’ which is produed ‘a la main’ from locally grown cotton by the women in Burkina Faso. Jeanne LOMPO decided to promote this ancestral fabric, while modernizing the colors and patterns to make it a contemporary fabric. All dyes and fabrics are made by her. From this material, she can  create various clothings and home decorations. You will find in the collection all kind of table mats, scarves and curtains.

Firmin SANOU


Sculptor from Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, Firmin SANOU uses the technique of the ‘cire perdue’ (wax) to shape his art pieces. He is inspired by history of the peoples, remembrance of slavery, freedom, human body shape and other Arts such as circus, dance and yoga. He loves to pass through his works a message of awareness of liberation and the image of a creative spirit of Love, Peace and Harmony. He currently exhibits in Guyana as part of the commemoration of the abolition of slavery.


Jewelry and  Accesories

Akatcha which means abundance and diversity in"Dioula" language, was created  in 2005  by Daphne Serelle, a woman in love with Africa and our planet. Her ethical and ecological project values humans, and women in particular. Its activities support the empowerment of women,seeking for a better gender balance through art and handcraft. Her fashion is based on the use of Wax, cotton/linen fabric, organic fabric. The jewels and accessories are made from paper, fabric, glass beads, horn, seeds, wood, semi-precious beads.

Anne-Marie BOYER

Art and Furnitures

After travelling extensively in West and North Africa,

Anne-Marie has been living in Togo for several years.

She particularly appreciates the area of Kpalimé where she finds her exceptional Woods that will become unique works.

Her strangling fig trees, drawn by nature, take us into a vegetal world where the shadow is light. Her calabash and bamboos lamps blend Oriental and African design. In her arts, everything is finesse and elegance!



Pocco, born in France in 1982 and living in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso for a decade, is the founder of the studio "POCCO & CO". She explores the world of design through objects, textiles and graphics, Having lived and participated in artist residencies in a In a number of African countries, Poco began to question the African society he has had the privilege of observing on a daily basis. You will discover an original creative work, in which pictures and objects mingle, mix and transform, as a metaphor for African societies in evolution, in search of a new identity in a world in perpetual motion.

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