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Solo Exhibition

10th March 2023 - 10th May 2023


In this series of portraits, SENA TUES invites us to delve into the other side of the mirror, to imagine the other side of a personality, to connect with that invisible part that we all keep hidden inside us. He excels at the point of exerting a fascination on our minds, from which we cannot detach. This is his strength, playing with seduction and mystery.


If flowers are omnipresent in his paintings, it is necessary to dismiss the idea that they serve only as pageantry or decorative elements from the outset. Flowers have a language and many of them have meaning in mythologies. This communion between a natural element and the human heart is thus not coincidental for the artist; it adds more mystery and intensity to his characters, and reveals that sensitivity cannot be the prerogative of women.

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