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Exhibition COM-VIDE

Issouf DIERO

26th February 2020- 20th March 2021

Past exhibition

In this period where exhibitions, fairs and other artistic events are canceled on a large scale, and creativity unfortunately has less space to be visible and meet its audience, Issouf Diero- a Burkinabé artist who exhibits every year in his country and abroad- was also locked in at home for a long period.

From this place, he observed and explored the changes in the habits of his fellow citizens, in this country where people are more afraid of lack of food than of the covid 19.

In this country where solidarity is one of the most precious thing, he saw faces looking at their feet, extinguished faces, bent backs, not to cultivate the land but out of fatigue and confusion.

Eventually, social distancing definitely created a lot of  emotional damages.

Used to giving life to inert and used materials, Issouf Diero, wanted to symbolize through his art, beyond the health impact, the emotional impact of the pandemic in countries where living together is not just a habit, but rather a way of life, even a way of survival. His sculptures and paintings represent these men and women emptied of their energy and joy of living.

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