21th May 2021 - 18th June 2021

Current exhibition

Foli Kossi Gérard TETE, also known as Tesprit, is an artist who lives and works in Togo. As a free and independent young man, he tried and experienced a lot of activities to make a living: from masonry & gardening to painting & drawing.


During this period, he met with the DZIMAKPLAO- children without education-who live in the streets and most often have lost contact with their parents, their communities, and the society. They wander in these streets, our streets, left for themselves, trying to survive.


Tesprit succeeded in creating intimacy with these children. With his artistic gaze, he started to capture strong instants of their daily life: moments of sadness & despair but also of hope & joy, like when they meet up with their friends to play football or make a nice find in the rubbish.


Along the way, observing people walking in the streets; Tesprit realized one can understand the social class the owners belong to, by looking at their shoes:

• Those who wear new shoes and throw them away when they get old-fashioned or slightly worn,

• Those who wear them and can change them as soon as they get worn,

• Those who, even when they are worn, will fix their shoes, wire them, and wear them till they hardly have any sole anymore; like the ones of DZIMAKPLAO.


So, he wanted to tell the story of those children, make them visible, immortalize them and started using pieces of worn shoes to create. With finesse, he forces us to watch them, observe them, enter their world, creating a contrast between the beauty of his pieces and the unacceptable nature of the DZIMAKPLAO living conditions.


His paintings are named after those children, his children as Tesprit would often refer to.

Exhibition COM-VIDE

26th February 2020- 20th March 2021

Issouf DIERO
Past exhibition

In this period where exhibitions, fairs and other artistic events are canceled on a large scale, and creativity unfortunately has less space to be visible and meet its audience, Issouf Diero- a Burkinabé artist who exhibits every year in his country and abroad- was also locked in at home for a long period.


From this place, he observed and explored the changes in the habits of his fellow citizens, in this country where people are more afraid of lack of food than of the covid 19.


In this country where solidarity is one of the most precious thing, he saw faces looking at their feet, extinguished faces, bent backs, not to cultivate the land but out of fatigue and confusion.


Eventually, social distancing definitely created a lot of  emotional damages.


Used to giving life to inert and used materials, Issouf Diero, wanted to symbolize through his art, beyond the health impact, the emotional impact of the pandemic in countries where living together is not just a habit, but rather a way of life, even a way of survival. His sculptures and paintings represent these men and women emptied of their energy and joy of living.

26 November 2020

Past exhibition



Around the Dunk association, several artists and artisans gathered for an exhibition sale at Gallery Soview.


This exhibition made it possible to showcase the creations of the Dunk association's young girls. The goal was to raise funds to buy sewing machines  for them, so that they can develop their own activities after the training provided by Dunk.

This sale was a great success as all the young girls involved were able to acquire a new sewing machine.

Thank you to Dunk association's volunteers: Binta, Alice and Florence to name a few.

Thank you to the artists and artisans, Alidesign, Anne-Laure Gueret, Christelle Beck, Aminata Lariau, Joël Laweh Tetteh, for their contributions and presence.

24 May 2019

Past exhibition



Gaël Chapon, the color matchmaker, as he likes to say, likes to think of colors as dynamic entities endowed with a capacity to come to life, endowed with resources powerful energies. 

His practice consists, among other things, in organizing encounters between different chromatic nuances, by juxtaposition, interlocking, ordering of colored surfaces. 


He draws his influences in his travels. According to him, the colors of the world are a permanent and infinite show. His personal artistic career is rich and diverse (design, architecture, plastic arts).


His "great masters" are Mark Rothko, Paul Sérusier, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Josef Albers).