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Exhibition IN FRONT OF US

Solo Exhibition

23th October 2022 - 04th november 2022

IN FRONT OF US, is a deep exploration of human condition.

Each of the works captures and depicts the present moment of people we know nothing about.

Faceless and enigmatic, they invite the spectator to reconstruct and decipher the moments of life of these forgotten silhouettes, these invisible figures from the Sahelian cities.

The exhibition questions the uncertainness of our children's future and immortalizes those characters by presenting them anonymously, in front of us, the human kind, which -too often- looks away.

It also addresses the essential issues of our times: inequalities, individual paths, collective responsibility, the way we share and manage our sole and only planet earth.

Giving a second life to materials, considered as low value ones, by transforming them into art works, is a desire of Daouda Traoré, to mark the ambivalence of life: this metamorphic capacity to move from one state to another, from one condition to another.

This exhibition is a preview of the exhibition Sous nos yeux/ Sous nos pieds that the gallery Soview will present at the Also Known As Africa (AKAA) fair in October Paris.


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