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Solo Exhibition

10th February 2023 - 6th March 2023

The First solo show " CONFRONTING THE PAST" by Ghanaian artist Prince Amanfo⁠ Okumkumabuo.

Meet Prince Amanfo Okumkumabuo on 10th February at 7:30 pm at Gallery Soview.⁠

Born in 1984, in Kumasi Prince Amanfo Okumkumabuo is a multidisciplinary Artist.⁠
He graduated in fine Art at College of Art and Industry, Kumasi and University of Education, Winneba, where he obtained his first degree in Art Education. ⁠

Prince was a lively child and a great explorer until, what would become a life changing event, happened. He lost one eye sight in a incident.⁠
Growing up, he realized he could only identify the primary and the neutral colors.⁠
“He who stays in the dark see colors” he says. ⁠

The inspiration behind his paintings comes from his own experience in relation with music and nature. Amanfo likes to symbolize & represent music as invisible lines formed by melody, rhythms, and beats. Lines that our ears transmit within our bodies, the invisible becoming visible. Each line being unique, having its own role, its own acoustic.⁠

Prince’s painting depict struggle, culture, tradition, joy, perseverance, sadness, and hope. ⁠
His paintings tell stories about social values, religion, politics and pop culture. ⁠

He paints figures with facial expressions that are mainly distorted with emotions, feelings, anger and excitement in impasto. His paintings gives avenue to audience to create their own stories out of his story. He paint primarily in acrylic and currently works from home studio. Some of his images are turn upside down so to see it clearly, you need to look at it from different angle which communicates to the audience that in every situation you should take time and look at things from different angle to come out with a perfect solution. His works therefore communicate patience. ⁠

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