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Hamed Bransonka Ouattara

18th March 2022 - 22th April 2022

At the crossroads of utopia and pragmatism, we create contemporary architecture

that feeds the imagination with an afro-futurist vision.

Diebedeo Francis Kere first African Pritzker price 2022.


To speak about this exhibition without returning to this fresh news would be a non sense.

This exceptional prize, awarded to Diebedo Francis Kere, African and Burkinabe, is a

reminder of the real participation of the sub saharian people in eco-responsibility. It is more

than essential to rethink our habits, to make real changes in our consumption patterns, in

our way of interacting with our environment, in our way of feeding, clothing, housing

ourselves, but also in that of furnishing ourselves more respectfully of our environment and

using already existing materials while getting rid of the dominant standards to create new,

more ecological ideas.


Trained at the National School of Industrial Design in Paris, at the Olorun Ouaga Foundation,

but also at the school of life.

Hamed Bransonka Ouattara, expresses himself through paintings, sculptures and

installations. His singular design is inspired by our achievements, instruments already

existing in African habits, such as donut frying pans, or doors and metal windows of

makeshift houses. Everything about his surroundings is an inspiration. Then from old metal

oil barrels, he transforms this raw material to give it another use and very often the

functionality finalizes his process. His creations are innovative and extremely contemporary

armed with unprecedented resistance propelling them into a certain timelessness.


Rooted in spirituality and ancestral African values, sharing respect and above all transmitting

that of the ancestors, he devotes a deep respect to what existed, to those who existed, to

our ancestors. For him, we cannot create without accepting, valuing and accepting what has

been done before us, we cannot build without making roots on the work of our



We also have a duty to think about future generations, a duty to organize and plan the

transmission of our knowledge, to also feed the loop of knowledge that too often

evaporates with the disappearance of eminent people. He would like to stop legitimizing this


In Africa when an old man dies, a library burns down by Amadou Hampâte Bâ.


Hamed Bransonka Ouattara has over 25 years of experience and his works have been

featured in museums and galleries around the world.

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