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Solo Exhibition Dramane Toloba 

03 November 2023 - 05 December 2023

Dramane Toloba, hailing from Mali, ingeniously combines visual art and social activism in his work. Through his creations, he delves into themes of inner light, women’s role in our society, and the impact of technology in our modern world.

Toloba's work goes beyond mere aesthetics; it constitutes a bold statement against overconsumption and a plea for recycling. In "LIGHT BEAMS", Dramane Toloba transports us to a realm where art and activism harmoniously coexist. His characters, often depicted with lamp heads, evoke the inner light within each of us. They also serve as a vibrant tribute to the essential role of women in Malian society, highlighting their strength and resilience.

Dramane Toloba underscores the intrusive nature of modern technology in our lives. Through his creations, he invites us to contemplate our relationship with technology and the crucial connections that must be maintained among humans from diverse backgrounds. All the while celebrating the beauty of humanity and nature. His works, infused with vibrant colors and profound symbols, such as the paperclip, that tiny piece of metal he views as the important and capital link that keeps different papers, post-its, whether important or not, new or old, together. This link enables unity beyond differences.

Dramane Toloba rejects pessimism in favor of hope, creativity, and commitment. He uses art as a means of raising awareness, thereby provoking deep contemplation on contemporary issues close to his heart.

Through his artworks, he encourages us to see beyond the darkness, to embrace the inner light that can illuminate even the darkest moments of our lives.

We invite you to explore this exceptional universe and immerse yourself in the light and color emanating from Dramane Toloba's unique creations.

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