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Solo Exhibition by Enoch Nii Amon Hammond  

13 March 2024 - 10 April 2024

Born on January 20, 1996, Enoch Nii Amon Hammond emerges as an visual artist based in Accra, Ghana. His captivating body of work reveals a strong inclination towards installation, painting, and drawing, but it is his innovative and bold use of animal horn that sets him apart in the contemporary art


As a jewelry artisan, Hammond has developed a deep affinity for horn, this fascinating material which he harnesses with unparalleled mastery. By delving into the intricate technical aspects of horn transformation, he manages to transcend mere materials and breathe life into visually poetic and profound


His work embodies a subtle fusion of tradition and modernity, delicately evoking African narratives while probing contemporary issues such as environmental responsibility. Through striking portraits and everyday scenes,

Hammond captures the very essence of resilience, dreams, and hope that characterize African life, while also highlighting the urgent need for Africa to rethink its relationship with nature. In his creations, Hammond demonstrates an impressive technical virtuosity. His meticulous process of cutting, sanding, and weaving horn pieces reveals a keen artistic sensibility and a profound understanding of the material.

His works, true testaments to his unique artistic vision, defy conventions and prompt deep reflection on our relationship with the surrounding world. Through his art, Hammond pushes the boundaries of conventional artistic expression, inviting us to reconsider our place in the world and embrace the transformative potential of creativity to inspire positive change.

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