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Group Exhibition:

Issouf Dierro

Hamed Ouattara

Casimir Bationo

Daouda Traoré

Prince Amanfo Okumkumabuo

Sena Tues

6th July 2023 - 10th August2023

The "Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing" exhibition is a group show that offers a retrospective of various exhibitions held at Gallery Soview over the past two years. This retrospective sheds light on the gallery's notable exhibitions and showcases innovative and contemporary artistic practices.


This collective brings together the works of five fascinating West African artists: Issouf Diero, Hamed Ouattara , Casimir Bationo from Burkina Faso, Prince Amanfo Okumkumabuo and Sena Tues from Ghana and Daouda Traoré from Mali. These artists explore a variety of techniques and subjects, taking viewers on an immersive journey through their unique artistic worlds.


Issouf Diero, Hamed Ouattara, and Daouda Traoré transform everyday objects into astonishing works of art, challenging conventions and prompting reflection on our consumer society. Meanwhile, Prince Amanfo Okumkumabuo, Sena Tues, and Casimir Bationo unveil the individuals stories, delving into the experiences of ordinary people who often remain in the shadows. These artists address themes of identity, social inclusion, and the power of individual voices, inspiring deep reflection.


The exhibition offers an immersive artistic experience, inviting visitors to discover these bold creations.

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