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Solo Exhibition Mouss Black

22 September 2023 - 30 October 2023

In his artistic work, Mouss Black finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him: the cacophony of urban noises, the burning garbage, the engine smoke mingling with the red dust, and the atmospheres of Ouagadougou, the city where he lives. As he observes elements such as tree trunks gnawed by termites, rusty metal sheets, cracked, weathered walls, characters begin to take shape in his mind. Sometimes more distinct, these figures oscillate between the human and the animal, condemned to remain trapped in the folds of time, unable to breathe.⁠

As an artist, he feels compelled to breathe life into these characters by reproducing them on paper or canvas. He often employs coffee as his medium of choice for drawing, drawing inspiration from its unique color and the memories of shared moments from his native Burkina Faso. The tradition of sharing a morning coffee at the neighborhood kiosk, engaging in discussions about topics ranging from football to politics, is deeply ingrained in his daily life. To emphasize the movements of his characters, he subsequently intervenes with ballpoint pens, allowing him to play with colors and create harmony in his creations.⁠

In summary, his inspiration emanates from his environment, as well as his personal experiences and shared moments. Every detail, whether it's the cacophony of urban sounds or a termite-gnawed tree trunk, holds the potential to breathe life into unique characters within his art. It is this intersection between the human and the animal, the red dust and engine smoke, the real and the unreal, that he seeks to capture and convey through his artworks.⁠

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