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CasziB/Casimir BATIONO

Casimir Bationo / CasziB is originally from the Lélé Tribe in Center- West Burkina Faso and was born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1982. He now works and lives in Ouagadougou. After immersing himself in the worlds of painting, drawing, photography, lighting and motion pictures, he then formally attended a 3 years training in contemporary painting, acquiring crucial techniques to perfect his art and unique style. He lived in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Morocco and Europe.

Discovering CasziB's universe is often compared to embarking on a haunting adventure made of faces with piercings, seizing eyes that seem to follow you everywhere and dare you to truly listen to their life stories and imagine their fates in a world where the beauty fights the cruel, where the delicate triumphs over the violent.

The core message of his paintings is often referring to difficult and harsh subjects such as the place of mankind in nature, racism, homelessness highlighted by the the grace and the tenderness with which it is represented.

CasziB's art is that powerful because it unsettles, it disturbs, it questions but most importantly because through the discovery of its unique world it prompts a discovery of oneself.⁠

CasziB/Casimir BATIONO
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